About Sammy Ray

Although I'm known for my powerful country voice I grew up as a metal loving drummer.  My favorite bands are Rush, Pantera, and Opeth.  I did not even know I could sing until my mid 20's when some friends drug me out to karokee.  After that revelation I started going to contests to win money and guitars.  Turns out I was pretty good at it, so I became a karokee DJ.  During those times I met a lot of people from the Wisconsin Music Industry and decided to get into a band.  After a few bands I wanted to go out on my own as a solo act, but i needed to learn how to play guitar so and went to UWMilwaukee for fingerstyle guitar.  In 2014 I played my first solo show.  Now I play between 150 and 200 gigs a year.  Mostly solos or duos with various partners such as Geoff Landon, Michael Sean, Chris Hodgson, Derek Sallman, Maggie Pint, and many others.  I am also a member of Bound for Branson, a 6pc country act based out of Milwaukee and I fill in for many bands throughout the year on various instruments including keys, banjo, acoustic, harmonica, drums, and of corse vocals.

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