New Songs and Videos Added, New Domain Name Connected, and 2018 GIGs Updated!

New songs! Fresh from the studio

Last Call Choir and Soldier, featuring Steve Huebler on guitar and keys, and Matt Vollmer on bass, are available to stream here for free, also on youtube, the links are located in the "find me online" tab.  They are also available on Amazon, CDBaby, (links included^), spotify, groove music, Itunes, and most major digital distributors.  Big thank you to Cherry Pit Studios for recording me!

Stray Angies takes me back to my finger pickin guitar roots.  A song that needs no words.  Featuring Chris Hodgson on lead acoustic.  This song is only available on this website for free streaming.  Stay tuned for new developments on this song.


Check back regularly as I will be temporarily posting some new studio fresh ideas.  The first track you'll get to preview is Northern Grown, featuring Steve Huebler on Guitar, Elias Silva on fiddle and bass, and Ryan Newlin on drums.  I would love to hear your feedback as these are still in the editing process.


Lots of New Videos!!!

Many new videos have been uploaded and a couple new links to even more places to watch me perform and even just goof around.  Make sure to check out the series Couch Covers.  A series of covers I record on random couches.  If you would like to be involved with a couch cover please email me.  or if you plan to send a large file. 

2018 Gig Schedule has been Updated

Yayyyy, new gigs will be added as they are booked, so check in regularly for updates to the schedule.  You can also always stay up to date on where I'm playing on my facebook, link is located in the "find me online" tab.


New Domain Name Linked to this website

It's now easier to find me online.  You can just type in and it will take you here.  If you already have bookedmarked in your history dont worry it will still take you here just the same.

Happy 2018!!!

September gigs have been updated!!! New opportuntities emerging for Sammy Ray!

End of Aug. through September show list has been updated and is current as of 8/24/16 so make your plans accordingly!!!  Can't wait to see ya'll at a gig or 3...  :)

Well the original project didn't take off as hopped due to everyone being so busy with their current projects.  But I've been hard at work updating the set lists, adding new songs. 

I've jumped on ship with Michael Sean and the Bound For Branson crew!!!  Awesome group of guys!!!

A new position in a popular local group might be opening for me to try out in September here, so stay tuned for more information!!!

Great Start to 2016!!



Great things under way for Sammy Ray!!! 

I have embarked upon writting an original album with a few dear friends of mine including Steve Huebler and Matt Vollmer.  Expected release date January of 2017. 

I have made some new musical friends as of this year as well opening up many more opportunities. I will be filling in with Bound for Branson for some gigs this Spring and adding Micheal Sean to my duo acoustic partner list! Yayy.  The Wednesday night Open mic nights at Kickswitch have taken off well with the help of some great local musicians and new friends such as Ed Breest, Paul Carter, George Orcholski, and Cade Agathen.  I may even do a little professional percussion playing this year with a hard rock band...  We'll see what the year has in store.

I'm still playing many many duo's with my favorite vocalist Geoff Landon! and my favorite Rock Guitar Monster Chris Hodgson!  Even added "Sax kid" -Michael Wilmot on saxaphone(you gotta hear this!!) and "Gas station boy" Derek Gardner(sp?) on percussion!!!  



The longest running top 40-country band in wisconsin is calling a quits to it's 15 year run in Wisconsin and surrounding states.

I'm going to miss you guys!!!

But big things are to come this next year for Sammy Ray, Including the possibility of an Original Album!

Stay tuned for more details.

Great Show Count for this year

I hoped to be able to get a hundred paid shows in this year,  I didn't think it was going to happen.  As of right now the count is at 124!!!  Yayyy, and still counting.  This doesn't count random open mics I worked for Mr. Chris Hodgson, karoake, and a few shows that got added the week of...  I didn't get to add all of those, nor did I add any unpaid charities or events.  That's an average of over 2 shows a week.  I'll take that for my 1st year of being a full time musician.  Hoping next year is even better, altho some weeks this year were hard, was a strech of 14 shows in a row during the summer, and many 4-5 show weeks- takes a toll on the voice.




Jumping on Board with Geoff Landon and The Wolf Pack

Sammy Ray's newest adventure...  I'm jumping on board with Geoff Landon and The Wolf Pack for the remainder of their 2014 show dates, so look for me all around the state.  This is the best group of guys I've ever gotten the priveledge to jam with.  Even the wives are awesome.  

Don't worry I'm still doing the solo show.  Just filling in the gaps.  Ganna be FUN!

Blast from the past "Miss you guys" with Marshall Foerster

Our version of Walkin' after Midnight.  Loved this band.  Miss you guys. 


Check out the new "Jam WITH Sammy Ray" Page

Jam WITH Sammy Ray is a way for other musicians professional and unknown, to get in on the action.  I like to partner with at least one other person on each of my solo shows.  It adds variety and makes the night much more fun for the crowds and me!  It is also a way to get money into the hands of talented musicians doing what they love, playing music.  Well known local musicians such as Geoff Landon, Chris Hodgson, and Maycn Taylor have jammed with Sammy Ray and theirs room for you.  Check out the "Jam WITH Sammy Ray" link for more information. 

You asked for videos of me singing...

Bet you were not expecting this...  LOL

Some Fresh Al Petteway

New fingerstyle video up

First new fingerstyle video of the weekend.  The Fisherman by Simon Fox.  Keep tuned in this weekend for more to come. 


New fingerstyle videos coming soon.

Stayed tuned for more fingerstyle videos that will be coming soon.  To tide you over, here is a blast from the past.  From before I started studying guitar.


Embarking on my Solo Adventure

     Announcing my solo venture.  One successful show under my belt Nov. 2nd, at Suhmer's in Eagle.  Looking forward to many more.  Follow me on my new Facebook as well under my new stage name - Sammy Ray.  "Sammy" is my real nick name all while growing up and Ray is my middle name.  Stay tuned for shows coming soon!

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