Last Call Choir

I woke up this morning and I didn't feel well
guess last night I raised too much hell
so crack one open and do it all again
cause it feels way better than the hangover did

A bloody mary in the morning can taste just right
when your head is splitting from a wild night
takes the edge of last nights revenge
but now we started early and we'll do it all again

Last night we sang
all night, we were
all rockstars when we're
singing in a last call choir
and we were
singing in the last call choir

Well, it's only noon but we're feeling good
so pull out your playlist and crank the tunes
we don't know the words but we couldn't be higher
so we'll sing along like that last call choir


Now, the days ticked on and the suns gone down
but were not ready to catch a cloud
so curl on up to a warm bonfire
and lets bring back that last call choir